Artist Carmen Anemona providing artwork for Kompl

We’re excited to introduce the second artist, Carmen Anemona, who is providing artwork for our app, helping you to explore and discover your urban environment.

We’re working hard on introducing playful elements into Kompl; soon, you will be able to select one of about half a dozen characters as your own, and, after doing so, collect locations matching particular categories in order to ‘level up’. As a result, your urban discovery can become slightly more directed, making it easier to expand the exploration of your urban environment.
In a way, Kompl will be akin to Pokémon Go for the real world.

Each character is illustrated by a different artist from around the world.

One of the characters you will be able to select is called Foodie. When you select Foodie as your character, you will need to collect all sorts of different types of places, related to food, to successfully level up.

The Foodie character is illustrated by Carmen Anemona. Carmen’s work is available on Instagram and Facebook.

Carmen is a young artist from Venezuela.
As a child, she would often be found drawing or painting, enjoying all aspects of art from her childhood onwards. For a while, growing up, she drew only for herself, in secret, too shy to show others what she enjoyed doing.

Carmen went on to study arts at the Facultad Experimental de Artes in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

As an artist, Carmen works towards changing the way people see reality. She takes what she perceives as the good things of life and puts them together in a way she feels they make the best connections, inspiring imagination and feeling, without limits, using vivid colors and a multitude of figures, with the objective of making the viewer inspired and happy.

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We’re excited to have Carmen on board as one of the artists providing artwork for Kompl.

Last week, we introduced our first artist, Marc-Anthony Macon, whose work illustrates the Artista character.