Artist Aprilia Muktirina providing artwork for Kompl

Aprilia Muktirina is the third artist providing artwork for the upcoming changes in our mobile app Kompl. Our app will allow you to immerse yourself in the city even more, letting you, in a way, play ‘Pokémon Go in the real world’.

Soon, using Kompl, you will be able to select one of about half a dozen characters as your own, and, after doing so, collect locations matching particular categories in order to ‘level up’. As a result, your unguided urban discovery can have something of a goal, becoming more immersive, exploring your urban environment in ways you wouldn’t have before.

Aprilia Muktirina’s illustrations accompany the Generalissimo character. When you select Generalissimo as your character, you will need to collect places from a wide range of categories; you are a generalissimo, after all.
Some of Aprilia’s work is available through her website.

Aprilia is a young graphic designer and sometime musician, based in Indonesia. She has a Bachelor of Art Education with a specialisation in Visual Communication Design from Yogyakarta State University.
Her areas of focus are primarily childrens’ books illustrations, logo design and character design, and she has an interest in fusing smart concepts with creative solutions.
Perhaps the biggest joy she gets out of her work is seeing a client get excited about their completed project.

One of Aprilia’s objectives is to become a graphic design teacher, in order to have a larger positive impact on new designers, and on the industry as a whole.

Aprilia’s instrument is the piano.

It’s with great pleasure we welcome Aprilia on board as one of the artists providing artwork for Kompl.

Previously, we introduced artists Carmen Anemona and Marc-Anthony Macon. It’s becoming quite a crowd.