Artist Gabriel Castillo providing artwork for Kompl

By shear coincidence, Gabriel Castillo is the second Venezuelan artist who is providing artwork for Kompl. Last month, we introduced Carmen Anemona.

Gabriel, Carmen, as well as Aprilia Muktirina and Marc-Anthony Macon, are all providing artwork for a major upcoming change to our app, Kompl, helping you to get lost in the city.

With these changes, you will be able to pick a ‘character’, after which you will need to collect venues, locations, that relate to the character that you picked. Gabriel’s work accompanies the Curious Cat character.

Gabriel is the CEO of iCrea Studio, a millennial team of professionals creating mobile apps to solve practical societal problems. Gabriel received a degree in visual arts and graphic design from the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, but hails from the town of Mérida. He has a passion for art and technology, and focusses specifically on design and mobile. For Gabriel, there’s only one thing bigger than the number of colors; the number of possibilities in using them.
Some of his work can be found on his Instagram account.

We’re only weeks away from releasing the next major release of Kompl. Are you ready to catch them all?

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