November 4: Press event for major Kompl release

On November 4, we release the next major release of Kompl, introducing a new way to ‘play the city’. Kickoff is a press event in Paris for UK-based journalists and bloggers, facilitated by Eurostar. Interested to participate? Give us a shout!

A few months ago, we gave you the ability to have Kompl build a tour for you, in order to give some direction to your meanderings in the city.

Now, we introduce what can be called ‘Pokémon Go for the real world’. You will be able to choose a character, or interest, which will then nudge you into collecting locations, sights and sites, that have a relation to your chosen character. As you ‘level up’, the locations you need to collect will become more and more difficult to find, requiring you to explore more and more.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve worked together with several artists from around the globe, to provide artwork for the different characters you can choose within our app; Gabriel Castillo and Carmen Anemona from Venezuela, Aprilia Muktirina from Indonesia, and Marc-Anthony Macon from the US.
The fantastic result is an eclectic and lively collection of art which, as you ‘level up’ your character, you slowly get to discover, and collect.

We have a few seats left for our November 4 event. If you’re a journalist or a tech and/or travel blogger with a decent following, give us a shout if you’re interested to participate.

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