Playing the city in Paris

On November 4, Kompl hosted a trip from London to Paris, sponsored by Eurostar, introducing Kompl’s new release to the public.

Kompl last week introduced the ability for users to select a ‘character’ or ‘interest’ in order for participants to collect locations that have a connection to the selected character. For example, you can be a ‘foodie’, which means you have to seek out and ‘collect’ particular restaurants and other places related to food. You then progress from level to level, unlocking awards as you go along.

This new way to play the city can be described as ‘Pokémon Go for the real world’.

Each character is accompanied by original artwork:

With this release, we’ve significantly updated the compass view, as well as made a whole host of changes under the hood. Check it out for iOS now.

The November 4 event was a success. Read, for example, how Rachael from The Independent experienced her day in Paris.

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