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Step right up for a sneak peek

Introducing Kompl, a mobile app which shows you venues that are around you. But, it’s up to you to explore and find them.

Kompl accesses multiple sources, like Foursquare, Wikipedia and others, showing you only popular and highly rated nearby destinations. We do not focus on the actual figure – 8, 9 or 10 – though we do only show highly rated venues. And, we trust your eagerness to discover a new city, or rediscover your own.

Kompl only shows you where the venues are in relation to you, without presenting a map. As you get closer, more and more information is made available.

As a result, Kompl is a simple and engaging platform, working both online and offline, allowing you to explore an urban environment in a casual and care-free way. Kompl facilitates the creation of ‘situations’, deliberately constructed for the purpose of initiating authentic experiences, even adventure. Kompl provides a digital platform for exploring an urban space in a less planned, more suprising manner.

Kompl is built to nudge its users out of their comfort zone, creating a journey that is unique, while fostering a new understanding of their urban environment.

Get involved

Kompl is very much under development. If you’re interested to participate or want to contribute, you can. Ask us for early access to our first (alpha) version. This first version is web-based and works on any device, but is primarily designed for mobile Safari (meaning you’re best of using Kompl on an iPhone or iPad).

Currently, Kompl is designed to work best in specifically two cities, São Paulo and London. We will slowly roll out detailed coverage to other cities. On our homepage, you can vote for which city should be included next. If your favourite city is not in the list, don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

Use Kompl. Keep your eyes and ears wide open. Today’s best experience is just around the corner.


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