Photo by Luca Mascaro .

Are you the UX designer we need?

Kompl has reached a stage where it’s time to implement some groundbreaking, awfully cool, interface design. Are you the UX designer we need?

Kompl is a mobile app, currently under development, where users are shown what’s around then, but where it’s their own task to actually find the locations that interest them, discovering the city along the way.
If you’re interested but want to play around with the app in its current form, give us a shout, either through the contact page, or by .

We’re looking for a creative mind to design the look and feel of the app, as well as our website, and any communication material that would be needed in the future, constructing a unified visual communication strategy.
In short, we need a UX developer.

Specifically we’re looking for the following outcomes:

  • UX of the app.
  • Logo design.
  • Icon design.
  • Website templating.
  • A standardized format for communications.

Skills required:

  • A keen eye for design.
  • The ability to convert a design into HTML5/CSS3/javascript templates.
  • A good communicator (in English).

We value passion, out-of-the-box thinking and originality. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. Don’t hesitate to apply if you’re a student with some great ideas and the desire to add working for a real-world innovative app to your portfolio.

This is not a full time position, but we do expect you will be able to constructively set time aside for working with us.

When contacting us, either through the contact page, or by , send us examples of, or links to, your work. Let us know how much time you will able to commit.
Consider and let us know how you would want to be compensated, keeping in mind that, at least for now, we are not funded.