AudioBoom integration

As of our most recent release, Kompl now also allows you to discover audioclips that are tied to locations close to you. The source for this auditory treasure trove is AudioBoom, ‘the leading mobile, web and connected device platform for the very best spoken-word content in news, current affairs, business, entertainment and sports’.

By including audioclips, Kompl adds a whole new layer to your geospatial experience. An experience that now also transports you in time as well as place. Because ‘sights’, incorporated from Wikipedia, Foursquare and others are relevant in the ‘here and now’, AudioBoom’s audioclips have a relevance, displaced in time. The clips might be the review of a soccer game, a recording of a play, or part of a comedy show, giving you a glimpse into the past.

Tied to a particular location, these audioclips not only allow you to transport yourself to a different location, but also to a different time.

Curious? Don’t hesitate to sign up as a beta tester and do some exploring yourself.