Kompl now available for iOS

Kompl is now available in the iOS app store. Download it for iPad or iPhone and take it for a spin.

Kompl helps you to get lost in the city of your choice. Kompl shows you what’s around you, but it’s up to you to find it. No maps, no routes, just a direction and distance, for ‘great’ destinations only, with more information being made available as you get closer to your objective.

Kompl moves away from making as much information available as possible, all the time, preventing the user from being overwhelmed, while also facilitating an experience that’s unique to each user, as it requires the user to find his own way.

Kompl comprehensively supports about two dozen cities worldwide, from Paris to Dar es Salaam, but can be used anywhere. In unsupported locations, with Kompl you can virtually explore one of Kompl’s supported cities by physically exploring another.

Here’s a video explaining Kompl in 70 seconds. And the press release covering the release.

Thanks to Mariana for being camera woman for a day.